Picture Day:

We are proud to offer you the fastest, hassle free picture day! We are highly organized and will move the teams through quickly taking time to get the best picture of your athlete.


We offer a high quality product at an affordable price. We do not require you to buy a package in order to buy a single product, and you may reorder at anytime. We believe you should be able to afford pictures for your children.

Your order:

From the day we photograph your league, your pictures should be delivered to your league or coach within 10 days.

Indoor or Outdoor:

The Lark Studio is unique in that we can accommodate for the weather on picture day. We offer an indoor and outdoor options, so you will never have to reschedule picture day.

We look forward to working with you!    Marta & Pam

The Lark Studio offers sport pictures for leagues, schools and community organizations. We also design banners for players and teams. Call for more information about your groups needs. 


League sports 

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